Main Living Area / Family Floor With Separate Family Bedroom Area

Lounge - Other EndThe above photo shows one small section of the main family floor; about half of the family lounge ("sala") area with the study (complete with PC area with LAN connection and entry video phone) just to the right where you see the globe. Behind the almond wood screen are two double doors which open up onto the front balcony area, which is fenced / gated off from the driveway / grounds. The granite fireplace is fitted with a French wood burning glass fronted unit; unless it gets very cold, this is enough to heat the whole middle floor in winter. There is oil fired central heating throughout the house though if needed; generally only used first thing in the morning from mid November to early March.

Family Floor Layout

StudyThe area adjoining the sala is the study, the "cozinha" a breakfast kitchen and room with thick, solid rustic breakfast table (plus understairs pantry), the larger "I.S." the family bathroom (large shower, bath tub, wc, bidet, double sinks, granite rich), the three "quarto's" are bedrooms (one with en suite shower bathroom). The family bedroom / bathroom section of this floor has a solid hard wood and opaque glass dividing door which allows it to be separated off if children are sleeping or if you are entertaining. The front door is where you see a gap. Stairs run down to the lower floor and up to the guest floor / office.

Entrance Hall AreaThe entire floor area except for the breakfast kitchen and bathrooms is laid with the highest quality oak flooring. The bathrooms have non-slip textured Spanish ceramic tiles which match the granite tiled walls. Apart from the breakfast kitchen and children's bedroom furniture (which is highest grade thick pine), all of the furniture on this floor is highest quality, heavy chestnut with highest grade Portuguese leather sofas (a three and a two seater) plus two massive leather "massage" recliners (they plug into the mains to provide massage) in front of the family TV. The lounge comes with three large chestnut and glass display cabinets (with drawers and cupboards) specially made for our villa.

Master BedroomThe master bedroom and the family lounge open out through solid hardwood and double glazed doors to large balconies; we have a wrought iron coffee table and two chairs on lounge balcony which overlooks the river and the family garden. The balconies have granite tile floors and new curved safety railings with plenty of space for flower bed stands. All of the bedrooms are fully furnished to the highest standards with plenty of cupboard space, plus there is a separate linen cupboard as you enter the family bedroom area.

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