Lower Floor: TV Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen & Utilities

TV Lounge AreaAs you walk down the sweeping wooden staircase, you are greeted by a massive open space which is the dining room and TV lounge. The dining room has a solid chestnut with ironwork and glass top table for 10 people with space, including two end carver chairs. Alongside the specially made table (with spot lights positioned above exactly to illuminate the eating area of each person) runs the four recessed illuminated display cases which are ideal for displaying a range of items besides swords; for hanging fabrics, for ornaments or even mannequins. To one end is a bar area with chestnut drinks cabinet and concealed under-bar refrigerator.

Bar AreaThe lower level is partly below ground level (as the house is built on an incline, one end is fully below ground while the other is at ground level); there is not a damp patch to be found. Because of this, the dining room and TV lounge are extremely cool during the summer. The existing owners have an air conditioning unit above the bar but seldom use it. This large living space can make a perfect retreat if the summer ever does get too hot for anyone. The quality terracotta Spanish floor tiles used in the dining room and TV lounge also help to keep the room cool. The whole floor would serve very well as a guest area if you really wanted to get serious with tourism incomes.

Main KitchenThe TV Lounge has an L-shaped sofa under a large window looking out to a circular flower garden. All of the windows here and in the adjoining kitchen are fitted with ornate French style exterior railings for security purposes. In addition, a heavy metal chalice (stored in the utility room or "Lavandaria") can be padlocked into place on the stairs preventing anyone getting up or going down; this is mainly for insurance purposes for if and when the house in unoccupied. The adjacent large fully fitted kitchen is granite tiled (same granite and non-slip floor tiles used upstairs in the breakfast and bathrooms) with a wall mounted TV extension from the lounge.

A second gate / video entry console is located at the entrance to the utility room where the oil fired boiler is located and which is currently used as an indoor clothes drying and ironing area with some exercise equipment as well. The utility room would also be a perfect place for any wine fermentation vat as a) the temperature here is perfect year round and b) the carbon dioxide that comes out of the vat while fermentation is taking place is easily directed through a tube and out a small hatch to the outdoors. Another part of the kitchen leads to storage cupboards, a small bathroom with shower, a wash room (plumbed in for washing machine) and an adega or wine cellar (also has a chest freezer in it with some space for storage as well).

Outdoor Dining AreaTwo sets of solid hardwood doors with opaque double glazed security windows lead out onto the outdoor dining area; a huge specially made granite table which easily seats eight adults and is set in a fortress style circular granite walled extension over the hill / bank below. This area is part of the private driveway down to the river but has granite patio tiles instead of the kubos granite cobblestones used for the road and benefits from two large wooden gates which keep the dogs out when the owner chooses. This area has a gate and steps up to the family garden where the BBQ area is located. It therefore is used regular and safely by the children of the house on their bikes.

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