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Our featured North Portugal riverfront villa with holiday let potential on the border with Spain is not the only property in the area. Our real estate agent directory below will help you find other Iberian properties from a range of imobiliário (inmobiliaria) agents in the Minho / Costa Verde (Portuguese) / Vigo / Galician (Spanish) regions.

As well as promoting one particular piece of North Portuguese real estate, we are happy to provide information and links to estate agents / realtors in the River Minho / Mino area of Northern Portugal & Galicia Spain that offer quality houses / homes, villas, quintas, building land and other properties for sale. In Portugal real estate is called "imobiliário", in Spain "inmobiliaria"; actually finding villas and quintas in Iberia for sale on the Internet is difficult though. Local real estate property agents tend to have Portuguese / Spanish only sites catering to local people, plus they often do not appear very well for searches with Google and Yahoo. So we decided to build a directory, not least to help you compare the value of our own quinta / villa with others.

Local Portuguese imobiliário in Monção is Calvolima
Portuguese imobiliário agent with wide Costa Verde coverage - Grupo Prime
Remax Portugal's directory for Rio Minho properties - Remax PT
Remax Spain lists garages to villas! Remax ES
Sapo are probably the largest property directory in Portugal - Luxury Moncao Properties
And just so you can see the prices of apartments in Salvaterra - Habitat 24
National group with local offices: ERA

When you compare other house prices with the property we are offering, please bear in mind the quality of build of our villa and location. For example, the Spanish built swimming pool cost twice as much as many pre-formed pools. The driveway is both long, going all the way around the property and then down to the river gates as it does, and totally surfaced in expensive granite "cubos" (similar to cobble stones). Land prices in the village, which is considered the most affluent superb of Moncao, are higher than elsewhere and with good reason (think investment). This quinta is built from solid granite and rendered brick, with a concrete base roof fully insulated and covered with long life water resistant, sunlight reflecting glazed tiles. Least but not last, this villa has a long river boundary, outstanding perhaps unbeatable views and direct river access for boating, fishing and more.

The further out from a town center a property is, the lower the price should be. This is not just because of proximity to resources such as supermarkets, banks, etc. It also can be to do with things such as fire risks; the further away you are from the fire station (Bombeiros), the greater the risk. Although the local bombeiros have built water storage tanks in many remote areas, you still need to remember the closer you are to the fire station, the more likely you are to receive immediate attention if there is an outbreak of fires. During the "Year of fires" (2007) many rural properties were at extreme risk or even damaged due to the bombeiros being stretched beyond their limit. It is therefore a very good idea to survey the area around any property to look for any evidence of larger forest / woodland fires. It may also be prudent to actually ask the existing owners to disclose any fires they have experienced in the last 10 years near or affecting their property.

On a similar cautionary note, it is also a good idea to assess a property for potential storm risk. Thankfully there are very few storms in this part of Europe but they do occur. In the storm of 2009 which mostly affected Western France and North West Spain, but also hit parts of Northern Portugal, many exposed buildings lost tiles from their roofs and suffered resulting rain damage either from direct wind gusts and / or from falling trees; trees in weaker (higher elevation) soils and / or on slopes in small valleys may be more at risk. Again, it pays to ask; some areas are well known locally for being wind funnels / traps. And bear in mind, Portuguese insurance companies are notoriously slow in paying out. Fortunately this quinta is sheltered from the South West by a mature pine woodland on level ground, plus its special glazed roof tiles are generally much more substantial and heavier than traditional tiles.

Actually the general climate outlook for the Minho / Costa Verde area is very good, having one of the best long range predictions for lack of adverse effects from global warming. You are virtually guaranteed to have some of the best all round weather and air quality in Europe, and a little extra research should allow you to say, as the owners of this villa did, "Storm, what storm?!" and "Yes, we saw some of the fires in the distance" if such events ever get repeated.

Basic Diligence Checks When Buying

1) Ensure the property itself is on Urbano title land. The grounds may be mixed title, but the property itself should be on Urban title.

2) Check that the Fiscal registration (tax office declaration) and Escritura (deeds) match up.

3) Make sure the land title numbers match up with those at the local town hall. Be aware that some people have built houses on land that does not belong to them by substituting land title numbers.

4) Make sure the land plot number(s) match; be careful as numbers can be repeated for various titles (rustic and urbano), so make absolutely sure of this.

5) Make sure there is a habitation license; this is very important.

6) Make sure any outdoor structures (log cabins, garages, swimming pool, etc.) are on the fiscal registration document, or they are probably unlawful.

7) Make absolutely sure there are no liens or other encumbrances on the property by way of a full Property Office report. Make 100% sure there are no unpaid taxes regarding the property.

8) Choose the lawyer yourself (take a recommendation from a 3rd party). The same lawyer acts for both the seller and the buyer and it can be a very bad idea to take the one offered by the seller.

9) Make the sure the presales (agreement to buy and sell) is notarized if possible before parting with the deposit.

10) Make sure the Escritura is filed on the day you pay the balance, and the tax office updated within a few days.

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